Hi I am 34, single and looking for love in all the wrong places with all the wrong guys! I decided to write this blog to hopefeully make you smile and for those of you out in the dating arena- I hope it will make you feel like you are not alone!

Meet my furry partner in crime, Harley. I love this dog more than any human should love anything with four legs and fur.cropped-12039094_10156068565000597_6454362351363907165_o.jpg

Apart from his adorable face its his personality I love, dogs are so straight forward. They don’t lie, they just are who they are, they don’t hold back, if they can’t eat it or play with it they just wee on it and move on.

For example, Harley doesn’t like people. His disgusted reaction to a stranger reaching down to adoringly stroke him is not dissimilar to being offered a handshake by someone who has just sneezed into their hand. I think if he were a human he would definitely be on the spectrum but I love him for that.

I am not suggesting people should be running around peeing on things they don’t really have a use for can you imagine what an isle of IKEA would look like! However, I think we can learn a lot from not over thinking.

This year marks two years of being in love with the wrong guy. I have wasted 730 days of my precious life obsessing over social media updates, staring at my phone willing it to ring and being that annoying friend who gets beaten down over and over but you can’t help because they have to help themselves.

This year though, I need to try, I need to change, I will not spend Christmas 2017 single, sad and hoping my unrequited love is going to see sense and turn up on my doorstep Andrew Lincoln style in Love Actually.

So this is my plan, screw fate, be damned destiny, I am taking back control.

According to research, we women date 24 guys before finding Mr Right.

So my new years resolution to go on 24 dates before I turn 35. Maybe I will find Mr Right- or maybe I will just meet a lot of Mr Wrongs, either way it will be a learning experience!

I am going to seek advice from the personal mentors and gurus whose books and blogs I diligently follow and share their wisdom.

2017 – let’s do this! Click below to read about my dates and please feel free to comment