Date #12 The Greek Vet

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 20.17.18Who on earth arranges a date at 11am on a Thursday? This is what I was asking myself as I lay in bed willing myself to get up!

Apparently I do…It seemed a good idea at the time. He was a vet, 28, pretty hot, from Greece and did I mention a vet?

I was going away, he only has Thursdays off, so coffee seemed the only option.

I soon discovered that he was from an area of my city I am less than a fan of, but also found out that he was moved- relief. This is part of the reason I am probably single. I am not a fan of dating outside my postcode. I mean I would date outside my city..but in the city I live in the nicest area..I figure that by the time you are 30 you are pretty much living in a an area of your choosing. So where you live says a lot about you. Even if you are not- that says a lot in itself. Yes, yes I am basically a massive snob.

Anyway, he arrived and first impressions were good. He had beautiful eyes ( I am a sucker for eyes) his English was pretty good but then came the greeting.

I am never sure of the first date etiquette- often I just say hi and avoid it entirely but he came over to me so I went to shake his hand as he went in for a cheek kiss. Awkward! Then I pulled away and he went in for the other cheek- argh!

So having established myself as a total idiot I sat down and the old ‘so what do you do and where are you from chat started’.

He had an interesting story. Apparently Greece still have a National Service so he did that for a year and then decided to persue being a vet after being punished all the time for feeding the left over food to stray dogs. Yes he collected food to feed street dogs- he had me over a barrel.

He then told me about his volunteer work in Guatemala with monkeys and donkeys and all manner of animals and how he had plans to go to Hawaii next year to help the sea turtles.

Not only did my career seem immoral and futile in comparison, he didn’t own a TV nor watched TV so no chance of discussion about guilty pleasure box sets!

Then he dropped the bombshell that he was quitting his job here in September and moving back to Greece before travelling to Hawaii.

Sigh, so typical. You find one that’s good and they are skipping country on you!

Regardless it was a lovely date and he was sweet. He very cutely ended our date by asking me if I was really 35 as I really didn’t seem it. Not sure if I seemed that immature or he was commenting on my youthful appearance but I chose to believe the latter!


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