The Lawyer


So my latest match was with a corporate Lawyer. My initial reaction was that his profession meant he would be arrogant and a narcissist. I have seen enough seasons of suits to know what a cut throat world he must live in.



It all seemed too good to be true. He was from Canada, his family lived in California and he lives in a pent house in a very hip part of the city. The more I heard the more I was convinced he was a catfish- but he was actually a shark.


I matched with him on the day I already had a 3rd date lined up with Mr Greek Vet. He refused to accept that I would choose a vet over a date with him and insisted I ditched the vet and saw him instead. He then continued to text me throughout my date saying the offer was open to bail at any time and meet with him instead. Rude and when it didn’t work this only seemed to encourage him.


I awoke to a text asking how the date had gone, I explained that the vet was hot, kind and lovely but moving abroad. To which he replied that he was hotter, earnt more money and wasn’t going anywhere- and did he mention he owned a pent house- (only about 6 times already!)


My curiosity peaked when he told me about his family’s house in upstate New York and how beautiful it was in the fall. So I agreed to meet but on my terms for a coffee. He pushed for a meeting at his penthouse but my imagination ran wild about Mr Grey style red room possibly filled with vanity mirrors dates of tinder past so I declined.


Just as I was getting ready to go and meet him he cancelled – because he had to help out his disabled neighbor- the trump card of excuses and one that only made me question his authenticity even more.


That evening I went out for drinks with a friend and after a bottle of vino we got talking about recent dates. You guessed it- turns out she had dated the lawyer and slept with him and then been ditched. She confirmed he was indeed Canadian and did have family in Cali and a pent house- although she admitted it was a disappointment LOL.


Naturally I asked the lawyer about this- at first he denied all knowledge of her and then after I said I wasn’t interested- insisted that he thought I actually was and we should still meet. It took 7 messages to convince him and his ego that I really wasn’t interested and that money doesn’t impress me and arrogance is a huge turn off. He was shocked and then blocked me. Such a shame LOL.


I am sure he will find his perfect match but he won’t find it on tinder- instead he should try his bathroom as I am fairly sure there is a reflection in there of the perfect man for him!


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